• Runstar Bearings Maufacturing Co., Ltd

    More than 20 years of experience in the precision bearing industry !

    Professional manufacturer in size OD from 1mm to 20mm

    Applicated in the fields of precision equipment, home appliance, power tool, medical machinery, fishing reel, motor and R/C hobby etc.
  • Who using our bearings

    Dyson UK Inc.

    Famous Brand Electric household appliances in World

    Joyoung Co., Ltd.

    Famous Brand in Electric household applicances

    Taiwan Fishing Reel Corp.

    Famous Brand in Fishing Reel

    Auldey Audi

    Famous Brand in R/C Hobby

  • Our products

    Ceramic bearings

    Stainless steel ball bearings

    Miniature ball bearings

    Thin section bearings

    Thrust ball bearings

    Flanged ball bearings

    Moto bearings

    Fishing bearings

    Skate ball bearings

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    Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China
    +86 18505962932
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